March 31, 2020
Updated Watchlist Now on TradingView

With the TradingView Watchlist, you can follow your favorite assets from anywhere in the world, on desktop or mobile. We know how important our Watchlist is for tracking, organizing, and managing the assets you want to see at a given moment and that’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve got some awesome new features to show you for the desktop. 

Manage your data columns
We want to bring as much data to your Watchlist as possible so you can now sort and organize your companies by volume and extended hours data.

Move symbols between lists

We’ve also made it easier to move symbols between different lists. This means you can quickly start a new list or group different assets all at once.

Symbol order

Lastly, it’s now simpler to adjust your symbol order. If your Watchlist ever gets unorganized, just click on the column title three times. The first click sorts by ascending order, the second click sorts by descending, and the third returns the symbols to their original positions.

We hope you enjoy these new features and please keep sending us your feedback and ideas — we love hearing from you.

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