Апрель 14, 2015
Wolfe Waves Tutorial,Trades on EURUSD, BABA and More Scripts..

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Picks From Community Top Authors

LESSON — Adv. Market Geo.: Step-Wise Geometry Development | $EUR 4xForecaster 
«A step-by-step demonstration of my own approach to Wolfe Waves detection, analysis and trading application»

Alibaba -BABA -Daily — Range Expanding Up from a base By timwest
Time to buy BABA…

Promising Trades and Insightful Analysis

Facebook- High Probability Trade To The Upside! By Tom_Killick 
Great trade setup on Facebook…

Anticipatory Overview By MagnusTradingGroup
Looks promising. Two possible scenarios for Bitcoin…

Dan’s Elliott wave count is clearly bearish on the CADJPY…

EURUSD: Trading a la Carte By JasperForex
One harmonic setup on the EURUSD suggests a long trade…

BP(Daily) — Inverse HS potential-Double bottom. By river_54
Will BP benifit of the recent recovery in oil prices, this trade suggests so…

Google: Looks Ready for a Short! By Technician

More downside for Google. According to Technician…

In Scripts and Custom Indicators

 [RS][JR]RSI Ribbon + Candle By JR

Value Chart [TheMightyChicken] By TheMightyChicken

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