AAPL, Crucial Views, Massive Triangle-BREAKOUT Emerges!

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Welcome to my new analysis of AAPL on the 4-Day Timeframe Perspective. Within the recent stock market, there are many stocks that show huge bearish inclinations and major downside accelerations as investors became much more conservative because of recession, inflation, stagflation, and war economy events through which investors are rather looking for save heavens such as GOLD or Sector Stocks that really can unfold their potential, either up or down. In this case, it is highly necessary and inevitable to pick those stocks that have a breakout and more importantly target zone completion potentials as I have spotted the most worthwhile setups within the market these times.

When looking at my chart now AAPL within this whole chart has completed a gigantic formation which is the most prevalent channel formation, In this formation AAPL completed the wave count before attempting a crucial breakout above the upper boundary as it is marked in my chart. Now, as AAPL continues with the range channel breakout it is forming a highly important formation because AAPL has several major levels within the zone above which AAPL is forming this crucial formation. The most important levels are the supports above which AAPL is now trading determined by the Pre-All-Time-High Support-Zone, the Ascending-Channel Lower-Boundary Support-Zone, the 40-EMA in blue as a major support, the 20-EMA in orange as a major support.

Above these levels, AAPL now continues with forming the primary triangle formation which is about to be completed within the next time. As it is market in my chart the triangle formation is going to complete with a final breakout above the upper boundary which is going to mark the final Triangle-Breakout Confirmational Setup from where AAPL is likely to continue into the breakout direction with an overwhelmingly high possibility.

Currently, a major consideration is how fast AAPL continues with the breakout and how the momentum is going to accelerate finally reaching the determined target zones. Especially when institutional open interest increases here pumping a load of fresh liquidity into the market this is likely to provide the necessary fuel for the price action to accelerate much faster than the underlying price action is actually determining.

In all cases, once the breakout has shown up as it is marked this is going to activate the target zones as they are marked within my analysis chart. The only thing that could invalidate such a scenario is a massive supply shock rolling in because of major supply chain disruptions and increased inflation that is accelerating above all expectations. This, however, is not the most likely scenario currently, and therefore I am keeping the symbol in the data dashboard to determine further re-evaluations once they changed.

In this manner, thank you everybody for watching my analysis of CHFAUD. Support from your side is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Wait for a final breakout or correction before entering any trade.

Consider that not every stock in the market is tradable or has an appropriate entry potential.

Pick, as I am doing it, the stocks with final bullish potentials and the stocks with final bearish potentials for a total return approach.
ANALYSIS UPDATE: AAPL is increasing the bullish volume on the local term.

This is also likely to move into the same dynamics on the global term as well.
UPDATE: The next major demand acceleration is going to lead to an accelerated triangle upper boundary breakout.


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