Bed Bath and Beyond - Don't BTFD - Bye Bye, BBBY

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NASDAQ:BBBY   Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
I heard on Reddit that BBBY is prime for a major pump because Ryan Cohen talked about spinning Buy Buy Baby off into a separate company, which would in effect create an airdrop of new stocks for holders.

I heard on Reddit that BBBY is due for a pump because Ryan Cohen bought Jan '23 calls @ a $50 strike.

I heard on Reddit that BBBY is due for a pump because 45%~ of the float is short sold.

All of the above are true. However, what I would like to point out to you is a few key considerations:

1) The July - August bottom of ~$4.50 was both extended and precariously close to the 2020 COVID bottom. But they didn't break.
2) BBBY is already at this pump's top at sub $14. What comes after a pump?
3) If BBBY is going to spin a second stock in a few months, there's going to be proper accumulation. A proper accumulation requires you bag holders to capitulate.
4) Jan. '23 is four months away. That's a lot of time for you to hold $10 and $13 bags when this thing dumps to its 1993 low and you need to pay $12 a gallon for gas.

Reddit is not a normal social media site. It's a social marketing and social influencing platform, and one with a heavy Marxist-Leninist influence, to boot.

You think you are reading organic comments from other young people, but you are reading the written vomit of a combination of a botnet and a professional public relations firm that front runs the moves.

The purpose is to drag you in and have you donate your life savings so that someone who looks like Sam Bankman-Fried can pay some creditors and then buy another apartment and a new car after you trade your money for their bags.

Monday could go two ways. One is a gap up over $14 and then a dump and the other is just a gap down that doesn't bounce.

Either way, you're now on the wrong side of history to be buying the dip. Don't buy the dip. Your risk is a ~70% wipeout from the nearest gap. If you bought at $13, well, cut your losses and stop gambling.

Be patient and wait a month or two when everything is scary and the Reddit brigade is telling you that BBBY is a total piece of trash that nobody would ever want.

And remember, Redditors are not your friend. They are Fabians.
That really went ape, but it failed to break the March high. Also, that dump is no joke.

Top is in. The consequences of buying puts at the top when Reddit is telling you to do so are also here.
To Reddit's public relations brigade: Ryan Cohen dumped his entire 9.45 million share stack on this pump, leading to a post-market close of $18.85, which is bound to be more painful in the morning.

I have a math problem I'd like you all to calculate.

On Aug. 16 when BBBY was trading near $30, a $30 Aug. 19 call cost about $650.

On Aug. 17 when BBBY was trading at $27 a $27 Aug. 19 call cost about $700.

Those people who you encouraged to buy options on Robinhood with a target of $50 probably bought 5, or 10, or more.

Those contracts will all expire worthless.

What I would like to say to you is that in the immediate future, you will have to repay the losses of the sheep you led to slaughter, because you have played the role of a Fabian.

I gander a trained PR firm minion probably makes between $18-$21 per hour, meaning you make about $800-$1,000 per week before taxes, or about $3-$4,000 per month before taxes.

If you calculate how much damage you've done to ten people who bought ten calls at the top each, how many years do you have to work for to repay the debts?

Karmically, you are responsible for every penny. And then there is the matter of interest. And then there is the matter of the damage you've done to human society during this crucial moment in history.

All of which you, and your big mouths, will be held karmically accountable for.

To those of you who lost money in this scheme: I hope you learned the lesson that Reddit isn't your friend. They are Fabians hawking pump and dumps. They have no conscience, no morality, and no righteousness.

Stop gambling and learn how to trade with a long term mentality.
So the Marxist-Leninist Reddit brigade tells you "Ryan Cohen just filed paperwork for the _right_ to sell his 9.5 million shares. He didn't actually sell them!"

"Wen moon?"

Then minutes after market closes Cohen releases paperwork stating he really did dump his bags all over retail heads and it's down to $12 after a no bounce $19 dip buying day.

Readers: keep the above in mind and examine the garbage vomited in the comments below, and learn a hard lesson from it.


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