Upstart Holdings - Reddit Is Not Your Friend

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NASDAQ:UPST   Upstart Holdings, Inc.
I came across this stock because of a Wall Street Journal article focused around some meme traders who were holding bags and bullish despite being on the cusp of a recession and a colossal market crash. So I started to take a look at it.

Fundamentally, UPST is down a lot, like all the other r/WallStreetBets and Reddit cesspool pump and dumps. From the description, this stock sounds like one of the many crypto ponzis, except it trades on the NYSE instead of FTX.

This chart is complete only with monthly bars and a small note for a reason. Look at the monthly bars. It's already at an all time low. You really need to zoom out and understand the macro situation when you trade. Otherwise you're just gambling. Just trying to get rich quick.

Trading is self cultivation and you need to take it a lot more seriously, or you'll destroy yourself.

UPST isn't going to bounce. It's going to $0.

Reddit is something you should stay away from. There is a heavy Marxist-Leninist faction there. Additionally, it is not a social media site. It is a social marketing and social influencing site. You think you are looking at other users organically talking to you, but you're really looking at a botnet and a public relations firm who are bringing in dead money to buy whatever bags the advertisers are paying them for.

Anyways, some scary signs on this stock are:

  • Earnings are August 8
  • Dip to buy was granted on July 7
  • Reddit posts like dude with 79,000 shares and a "2.27M bet" on UPST appear
  • A number of other chatter appear on Reddit around the same time using reverse psychology encouraging bagholders to HODL
  • Chatter about shortsqueezes
  • Company had a good earnings in May and fell 35% because it "slashed its outlook."
  • Q2 earnings were pre-released also around July 7. They're not good, which generated the dip.
  • Week before earnings it starts to pump, which takes out short sellers
  • Maybe you think that it will rocketship up because it's down so much

Anyways. You should know that nobody on Reddit wants you to be financially secure, wealthy, happy, and rich.

Instead, they seek to bankrupt you, corrupt you, and have you destroy your life while you hold their bags.

For example, a few months ago, the London School of Business analyzed options trading data using OPRA codes that allowed them to pinpoint retail activity. They found retail lost $5 billion trading options during the biggest bull run in stock market history.

Much of the losses were correlated with times that memestocks were being promoted on r/WallStreetBets. The promotions started when things were already up, so you'd go buy calls on HOOD, it would dump, you'd lose all your money, they'd laugh at you and then go to the strippers.

Google "WallStreetBets and Gamestop Crowd Lost $5.27 Billion" and read the study yourself if you don't believe it.

Be careful.
I mostly forgot about this piece of crap, but it's always amusing when the PR botnet brigade comes to troll you because it went up for 2 weeks.

Trading -26% aftermarket and will undoubtedly head under $10 as time goes on.

When moon?
This thing is still worth like a billion dollars in market cap lol.
It's also worth taking a look at the comments in this thread from when I posted it in August. You'll find this type of rhetoric and attitude all over Reddit and Twitter on everything from crypto to companies to pump and dump stocks.

Because they're not real users. Because they're not real holders with real risk.

They're just public relation firm employees s consulting a flowchart stapled to the wall of their cubicle.


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