Voyager - $11 is inevitable $VGX $BQX - Easy 277% minimum

BINANCE:BQXUSD   Voyager / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
From a purely technical perspective this is beautiful. Another classic hight time frame ascending triangle with HTF extended fibonacci levels matching PERFECTLY with the weekly all time high at $11.07.

Add in the fundamentals behind Voyager:
  • Publicly traded
    -Announced $46,000,000 raised on 1/21/2021
    -Undergoing a possible additional $75m
  • INSANE growth
    -Voyager's recent assets under management announcements:
    -- 12/31/20 = $230 AUM
    --1/15/21 = $485m AUM
    --2/04/21 = $800m AUM
    -Within 3 days preceding 2/1/21, Voyager's app experienced over 250k downloads
    -1/21/21 Voyager had 60,000 funded accounts. On 2/4 they announced 106,000 funded accounts and an additional 80,000 being processed on the waitlist
    -Voyager's total funded accounts are in the process of TRIPLING since 1/21/21
  • Improved Voyager Loyalty Program (Tokenomics) being released soon
    -Interest rate boosters
    -Cashback rewards
    -Debit card rewards + credit card features
    -New & improved HODL incentive's to be released in the coming weeks
  • Incredible founding team
    -CEO - Steve Ehrlich - Ex CEO of E*TRADE
    -Co-founder & advisor - Oscar Salazar - Founding CTO of UBER
    -Chairman - Philip Eytan - Founding investor in Livestream, Socure, early investor in UBER, and co-founder of Pager
    -Board member - Gaspard de Dreuzy - Co-founder of and Pager
  • Expansion into Canada, Europe, and South America formally announced

Voyagers insane growth made it necessary to implement a waitlist while servers are being upgraded. Which means that new buy volume is currently being funneled with 80,000+ people waiting to onboard and purchase VGX for the perks!

$500M market-cap is a steal.
-$BNB just pumped $10B in the past 2 days!!!
-$DOGE pumped $9B in the past 30 days off purely chad, send it hype

At the current price of $2.45, $VGX only needs ~$2.2B is needed to get to $11

You think it will stop at $11?

Best R/R in crypto by far.

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Trade active: New update:

Comment: Still accumulating. Fundamentals are just too damn good. The platform is still growing like crazy. The next leg up will be fireworks. My guess is that announcing the tokenswap date/ the actual swap will the the catalyst


Do you still feel the same way?
How soon we talking
maybe if they fix there waiting list issue
cryptoert mickaellall116
@mickaellall116, I agree..but that's a great problem to have. Happened to Binance and Coinbase in 2017.
Binance doesn't have pair of BQX with usdt or busd
cryptoert mabdullah2019273
@mabdullah2019273, only the BTC and ETH pairs currently. More upside for BQX/ BTC in my opinion...either way, the USDT pair should be coming with the upcoming tokenswap.