BTC.D Bitcoin Dominance - Elliott Wave + Alt Season!

- Update for BTC .D chart on the weekly timeframe .
- The chart is showing us that bulls are forming an ascending triangle .
- Which is something we do not want to see, if we want ALT SEASON!
- However, i bealive the index will continue to drop down after the triangle plays out.
- The triangle can also morph into a bear flag , which is something we want to see on the other side.
- This is my Elliott Wave count, if you have something better, please let me know in the comment section down below.
- 200 moving average is a strong resistance, so keep that in mind!
- For expected duration of the trade, probability, stop loss, profit target, entry price and risk to reward ratio ( RRR ) - please check my signature below ↓
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I see btc dominance going to 60-70 percent before going down to 30’s
Tolberti satiev1
@satiev1, Yeah, i am expecting something similar! 60 is a huge resistance.

We are so glad and excited for your encouragement and support all this while,

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Tolberti cryptobank70
@cryptobank70, Hello, thank you for your comment. It looks like a scam to me.
@Tolberti, I promise you to give it a try and see how good we are trust me I know there is no trust online but give this a try and see thanks for your understanding
Tolberti cryptobank70
@cryptobank70, It looks like a scam so be careful.
For now it looks like bear flag)
Tolberti harchenko93
@harchenko93, Let's see what is going to happen, we have a huge gap.
@Tolberti, Sorry, where is the gap? Thank you in advance
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Tolberti jhonconnor101
@jhonconnor101, Hello, here: