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- for me it has always been very complicate to explain BTC.D to peoples, because it's complicate ! lol
- it's weird to understand the moves and many factors have to be compared together an alchemy have to happen to see something happening.

- So basically to explain it, i will tell you what "we want to see" or "what we don't want to see" in the future. if the story repeats again.

1/ BTC.D have to grow up, then Altcoins will struggle down trying to find a potential bottom.
- While BTC.D grow up, BTC price have to grow up also or at least stabilize ( this is a good sign )

2 / if BTC price down and BTC.D up, it's bad, it's just the normal way ( No Divergence )

- When BTC price + BTC.D both up together, it's a kind of " inversed divergence ", it means something good gonna happens. ( get it ?)

- Basically also if USDT/USDC Dom Grow and BTC price stabilize and not goes down anymore, it's a good sign.
- Normality the normal way is : BTC up / USDT/USDC.D Down OR BTC Down / USDT/USDC.D up.
- Before we had no reason to check those Stables coins because they had not much DOM in markets, but now have to count with them.

- So While BTC.D is growing, altcoins will just make some weak moves.

- When BTC will reach is next Dominance's ATH ( witch have to be lower than last years because more concurrence )
- BTC.D will crash and ALT SEASON will start.

- it took me many years to understand that, but it's pure logic ( Fibonacci is working perfectly on it )
- again it's not easy to get it.
- if you have any questions feel free to add a comment.

Happy Tr4Ding !
in this exemple from 2020, i show you what i called weirdly " inversed Divergence ". This happened just before the last bull run. this kind of situation happened when USDT started to print money ( brrrrrrrrrr ).

PS : The left graph is USDT.D
- Done with this post. Take time to understand it, i just gave u one of the secret that many successful traders will never share. so F*** Them.

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn, work harder together to make a better world.
Live Pump.

Remember what i explained :
- BTC Dominance UP + BTC Price Up = Good.

- 44% now
- important zones to check 48-50%


Adapting EMAs.

Almost reached 50% BTC.D ---- BTC.D up + BTC price Dip = Altcoins Rekt fast.
Check this table.

Comparing BTC.D with altcoins is like Comparing DXY with Stocks.
But not at the same impact level.
let's take a guess. could go higher but 58%-60% sound reasonable. after alts will party a bit.

Trade active:
This chart still valid for now. keep an eye on it.
new chart here :

57% Reached.


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