My Bitcoin Price action Cycle Model

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Disclaimer : I am not Your financial adviser this is not financial advice ... Never invest more than you are willing to loose ...

Quote: History does not necessarily repeat but at times it sure does like to rime

My intentions : I would like to get exposure for a pattern or perspective I have on Bitcoin and its price action in relation to its halving cycles

Thoughts: 1,2,3,4,5??? If price action plays out like it has 4 times before then the blow off top has price action going up to $900,000 or $600,000
I have coloured the cycles purple blue cyan green yellow orange ...

Credits :
//---- Inspiration ----//

//---- color array script ----//
@alexgrover : (A Useful MA Weighting Function For Controlling Lag & Smoothness)

//---- Colors used in script ----//
@midtownsk8rguy : ( Pine Color Magic and Chart Theme Simulator)

//---- Halvings Script Creator ----//
@capriole_charles : ( Bitcoin Bull Cycles)

The global Macro environment is also quite good for Bitcoin Money printer go Brrrrrrrrrrrrr rrr rr r

Webster’ American Dictionary of the English Language, published by G&C Merriam Co. in 1864, was the first to formally define inflation as an economic term:
undue expansion or increase, from over-issue; -- said of currency.

Btc is potentially an exit from the Debasement of the fiat currency which is the theft of our time and energy ...

My final thought is that obviously this model is far more bullish than most other Macro price action Bitcoin models
Models like : the stock to flow or the log curves classic staples

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