Bitcoin BTC to $250K - BUY & HODL

Lionheart-EWA Updated   
Bitcoin went to the Moon with Dec '17 top.
Then it corrected 88.6% on the Fibonacci Retracement with Dec '18 bottom.

After that it went to Mars and hit the tops again in Nov '21.
It was a 2000% gain.

What can you tell from this?
Percentage-wise, Correction is lower than the gain.
So, the Dominant Trend for BTCUSD is UP!

OK, back to Earth.
Let's gather fuel and power-up the rocket.
Time to go Interstellar.

Before I go into the technical stuff, allow me to keep things simple for you.

I took the liberty and measured the BTC Cycles.
But you don't need to worry about that, just follow my lead!

I used a fancy tool called Fibonacci Time Zones.
This tells me roughly when the next Bullish Cycle for Bitcoin will start.
We are on the 5th Fibonacci Summation milestone, and another 2000% gain is destined to commence.

Early '23 , like all other Cryptocurrencies.

What's the level?
My ultimate levels are: 10K & 7.5K .
I will buy more there.

I will HODL for the long-term because I know it's a waiting game.

Now you have what you came for: when & where.
You can go ahead and open the next idea. :)
Thank you and you're welcome.

But if you capable of digesting what's to come below, then I put my hat down...

Bitcoin ( BTCUSD , BTCUSDT , BTCBUSD ) Technical Analysis:

* Elliott Wave Cycle: Complete V Cycle Degree (white)
* A-B-C Elliott Wave Correction (red)
* Ending Diagonal in Cycle C (red)
* Harmonic Pattern: Cypher
* 88.6% Fibonacci Retracement
* 161.8% (Golden Ratio) Fibonacci Extension
* Bullish Divergence
* Dominant Trend Line (turquoise dotted)
* Demand Zone
* Fractal Pattern

If you get all this without a headache then you're a legend!

The Aug '15 to Dec '17 is what I'm expecting, and it's a BIG one.

Good luck my fellow HODLer..

Thanks for the like,

Richard, the Wave Jedi.
Bitcoin will not provide a new low.
The Crypto Bull Market has started.

$24-25K zone is the place to BUY MORE.

BTCUSD going Interstellar: $250K.
Trade active:

If correction comes: good, you'll get on board.

If BTC continues flying, then good luck catching this fast train :))))))

Trade active:
BUY BTC NOW or forever shut the f... up!

BITCOIN started a VERY BIG BUll Swing.
It's not just a move up, it's actually historical.

Trade active:
31K is the BUY LEVEL for Bitcoin!


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