Everything Chances Now... New Bitcoin Targets ($12,000+ Next?)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
After a fake breakdown Bitcoin is now undergoing some really massive bullish action and additional growth is possible and happening now.

On the chart above we can clearly see a fake breakdown of support in the form of the moving average (EMA300/grey bold line)... EMA200 (orange) was working as resistance but was also broken with Bitcoin now trading above it.

Even more important is MA200 (black line) which is now below Bitcoin's price... In just two days, Bitcoin managed to conquer all of these levels and is aiming higher... Where to next?

We have a bullish MACD and RSI with basically no sellers. The past few days Bitcoin just continues moving higher. There is no reason to believe that Bitcoin will stop unless it does so, so we aim for the next target.

We are now looking at $10,500 next followed by $11,350.
If these levels can be broken, you can expect Bitcoin to reach $12,400+.

This is no exaggeration, the volume is really strong right now and this is the type of move that supports the bullishness we are seeing with the altcoins market and the fact that a new cycle is already on...

The bear market is over... The bulls are back in control.

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Comment: Fib. support and resistance levels:
Comment: LUNBTC (+70%)
Comment: Bitcoin Weekly update:
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not a word for days and now, here we go.
sneaky scam master tries to hide another fail by saying that were just a "fake breakdown", but the truth is no one cares if it comes long time after.
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olleyg123 anditfeels
@anditfeels, technically he still was right lol
anditfeels olleyg123
@olleyg123, technically? really? I can say that bitcoin will go to 100k, and when it happend I will say - Hey, I was TECHINCALLY right!
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olleyg123 anditfeels
@anditfeels, Yeah and what is your point? That doesn't mean anything.
anditfeels olleyg123
@olleyg123, I can say the same that your point doesn't mean anything. You could say nothing at all, as long there is nothing else to say.
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Comment removed
Zulu_Kilo anditfeels
@anditfeels, dude if YOU think you can do better than one of the best and most popular traders on here, by all means go for it... Go ahead and TA a prediction on price. You’ll come to find out that Bitcoin and crypto in general isn’t anywhere close easy OR perfect as far as figuring out its next moves.

You sound like an absolute prick when you sit there, chew someone’s ass out that is LITERALLY doing this for free so that people have a better idea of what may come with price so they can match it to their own trading styles and see if they align.

Coming in here and berating any trader makes you look like a complete ass.

You have ZERO charts, hardly ANY reps, and you’re gonna come in here and crap all over a trader that has spent a lot of time trying to help the TV community!?

Go post a chart, make a guess in price, and let’s see how well you do?.. Deal?

Sick of you trolls getting on someone for trying to throw their ideas out there.
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anditfeels Zulu_Kilo
@Zulu_Kilo, you don't even know what you are talking about. This person is a scam, read comments in his previous prediction.
He actually cheated me with money, I payd him for service but when realised that they will not be provided asked him for money back and he blocked me. Now he's saying that I payd him "to support" him, 0.06BTC, don't get mad, I'm not a troll I'm a real one customer that he cheated! I've got all proofs about what I am saying!
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