NeoGas Moves Ahead | 95%+ Within 2-3 Weeks?

BINANCE:GASBTC   Gas / Bitcoin
NeoGas ( GASBTC ) is growing at a very fast rate and is printing a very strong bullish (green) candlestick .

Right now it is moving above EMA100 (blue line) which rejected its growth recently... Now moving above it, additional growth can take place.

This is the daily timeframe (1 candlestick per day/24 hours), so the candle needs to close for confirmation.

The RSI is really strong at 74.83 and the MACD shows plenty of room available for additional growth.

If GASBTC moves back down, 0.0001823 is the first support, followed by 0.0001608 or EMA10.

This is not financial advice.
Remember to always have a plan and do your own research before you trade.

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2-3 weeks? Thats more 8weeks in your graphic..
I was under the impression NEOGAS moved relatively the same as NEO (at time of writing NEOGASBTC is up ~16% and NEOBTC is down ~1.5%). I know NEO just had an amazing lift, but I'm surprised GAS is still showing some increases. I was wondering if anyone knew something about this relationship.