NKN After 119% Of Collected Profits | Over 130% Round 2

We did an analysis for NKNBTC on Bittrex, which also applies for Binance and other charts/exchanges, and made the right call.

After sharing our chart for NKNBTC , a wave that generated over 111%+ of profits followed... After any impulse move a retrace is normal and this altcoin pair started to retrace... You can see it below:
Now that NKNBTC completed the first part of its retrace, additional bullish action is possible.

Potential scenario/prediction
The price can move up from this level but this isn't very likely... What can happen next is a jump in price followed by another drop, and only after the next drop another strong move up will develop, maybe for 100%+... Of course, the charts are always changing and this is just a prediction.

For trading, you set up your targets and stop-loss and set your sell orders on target as your strategy calls for.

The chart above reflects my main view, but we do not trade based on the arrows drawn on this chart. We trade based on price action and market cycle rather than predictions of how the price of a pair will go.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.


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