TomoChain Fake Breakdown (Just Like Bitcoin) | What Next?

BINANCE:TOMOBTC   TomoChain / Bitcoin
TomoChain ( TOMOBTC ) printed what I am calling a "fake breakdown", just like we saw with the Bitcoin chart that I recently shared... which changes everything...

A "fake" breakdown because prices quickly bounced after moving lower.

After such a strong drop, you would expect consolidation and additional bearish action, instead, we are seeing massive growth after which means that this was a market move to remove weak hands rather than a real break to the downside.

Now all loses generated in the past few days have been regained and TOMOBTC is back on the same channel as before.

Depending on how the bulls act, this pair can consolidate before its next move or go straight up... If it can break EMA50 (0.00003980) today...

The arrows on the chart can give you an idea of how the action will go.

Thanks a lot for reading and for your continued support.

Comment: A new high for TOMOBTC.
Huge volume coming in.
Comment: Up to 122% in growth since sharing.

Enjoy the profits.

Comment: +186% to peak price... :)
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