BTC is gonna reach 100K in a few months!

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Hi every one
Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar

we want to analyze BTC once again! the Price has been In a symmetrical triangle for a long time (the chart is in monthly time frame.) and after the upward break out happened the price has increased as much as the measured price movement!( AB=CD ) .but now as you can see the price has formed a crab pattern and the pattern movement has been completed and the correction has started the past two months BTC was in correction for this month there are 2 scenarios : one is that the price would stop It's correction after touching the 0.5 line of the Fibonacci retracement (around 34k) and than start a bullish movement to 100k! the second scenario is that the price will touch the 0.618 line of Fibonacci retracement (around 26k) and than start the bullish movement to 100k!
in both cases the price reaches 100k for those who are Hodling this is a great news! Patience is the key!

Traders, if you liked this idea or have your opinion on it, write in the comments, We will be glad.

Thank you for seeing idea .
Have a nice day and Good luck
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@YMGroup, thank you a lot
thx bud :)
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T_V_TreeTrader AtlasTrades
@AtlasTrades, You're welcome, good luck buddy
nice work
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T_V_TreeTrader Georgebushisbenis
@Georgebushisbenis, thank you dear
Excellent breakdown, well done. 😉
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T_V_TreeTrader financialflagship
@financialflagship, thanks so much
Yeah, we have few more months before breakout, but i believe $100k will happen by the end of this year.
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T_V_TreeTrader BitcoinMillio18
@BitcoinMillio18, i agree , great analysis thanks for sharing , stay awesome
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