BTC will break $5000 this year and new target will be $3000

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As I predicted in past that Bitcoin will fall from 9700 but it started its fall at 9950 now seeing this move have given its plan away. According to our prediction in the past, we said that we will see $5000 before $11000 but now we have made changes to that and now we are predicting bitcoin will see 3000 at the lowest this year before 12000....
now let the time speak for itself !!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE AND HAPPY TRADING
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Comment: After looking at the chart very carefully we have made small adjustments and we think this is the area where we should start going up from and starting our long. So for now we are short term bullish till we reach $9400 area again and start short once again and that short will be till we hit our original target. love to hear what you think.
Comment: The second part of the bear cycle has just started as it broke the triangle.


I don't see it that low. For it to go under 3k, we'd have to break our unbroken long term bottom trend line.

highly doubtful of course there is always a chance very very slim one at that.
@IONCHRONO, this whole 3000 prediction is based on if the C Wave fails to break A waves level. but as of now i stay true to my stand on $5000 will become our official bottom. so do keep in mind 3000 is the lowest that i am expecting but over all if someone is expecting to see 15k mark well good luck to then because failing to break 10k just confirmed in my opinion that we are in a absolute bear market... hope that help thanks
may be 2200 too