View of full-time trade's view of the BTC/USD chart on June 15

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Hello. 12th posting of ideas.
I am Korean trader J.

I'm thinking of writing a translator and uploading it.
My sentence may be wrong.

You may not be able to answer your comments properly.

Please understand.


So far the chart has followed the idea posted yesterday.

Yesterday, we responded by showing a green-viewed ascendability pattern in the middle of the flow, and yesterday we saw a high-point and a downward trend.
I checked to follow the main view pattern after re-entry.

So now my point of view is... see a downward trend

I thought of a strategy to respond separately.

The pattern isn't perfect yet, so you have to respond strategically.

For now, the price drop trend is very strong.

There are other variables in the flow, but it is unlikely to be checked separately.


Also, the decline is expected to be significant.

We believe that there will be many variables depending on the pattern and situation going down.

So I've roughly checked the variables for future possibilities.

I didn't upload the details because I thought it would be too messy to upload on the idea.

There's also one more pattern of ascension left on the way down.

It is essential to deal with and sell, and even if you have entered the decline pattern completely, please use the reverse designation (stop limit) and so on.


I've only drawn a few big waves that are expected to come out of the current wave.

It's highly likely that it's converging by today.

The main view is green to red.

Response section comments will only be made in the group chat room.

The rest of the line was created to respond to variables.

I've roughly done it, but I've checked the support points.

I wish you good luck.

I won't comment on additional ideas.


I have a separate communication channel.

English-speaking people are getting it through LINE.

It's just a channel that shares investment-related information with the block chain.

ID: " trader.j " on LINE if interested

Find somebody.