Psychological trading hack #0003 - finding your true friend

FX:CADJPY   Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen
Is finding your 'true friend' a psychological issue? Absolutely! We normally think of 'friends' as people - and that can be something of a mistake (based on personal experience), as I explain.

Your true friend in trading is right there hidden in the backdrop behind the candles - and that's why you see no candles in the screencast.

So I'm saying, find the tools and the methods which will lead to finding the real true friend. Then let your true friend help you.
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With wave theory for nearly 30 years, I've been working on stock charts for 15 years. During that time I saw many theories. But your theories are quite novel and interesting. The approach is also pretty original. Though I myself measure and count on everything as an engineer. But it is very interesting and instructive to read your strategies.
@meszaros, Many thanks. I've grown this from the ground up by a process of pain and forced evolution. For others who want to try it out, please do so on paper trading accounts. In essence I've done my utmost best to find the trend in any chart using free tools (or those included in subscription to Tradingview). That's the science part of it. Finding the trends is made easy but following them is not as simple as it may appear. That was surprising for me. It is partly an art. Importantly in the above post, I do not prescribe a methodology for anybody - as I firmly believe there is no one road to 'the promised land'. I still wrestle with my psychology everyday. At times I 'think' to myself "No way.... is it going to go that way..." and then I get a surprise; either a good one or a bad one. As an engineer you will of course better appreciate the nature of chaos.