DOW Jones Industrials A Beautiful Old Lady Still


The Dow began its history with 12 constituents and grew over time to become the Dow 30 that we know today.
There's those numbers again.

The old lady is now 122 years old and still as beautiful as the day she was born. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe she doesn't do it for you...

Dow Futures Update DJIA1!

This index had to stay above the 25702 line during yesterday's ongoing whipsaw through the open and beyond and if it managed to do this it meant a test of the next resistance line at 25782 would be the most likely outcome.

After rallying to within 10 points of the upside target at the open It then managed to hold up through a turbulent session with a subsequent low at 25713, before rallying away to the target and beyond.

As this is finished it's sitting just 4 points above yesterday's upside target line at 25782.

Support here may hold up but It can come back to 25759 when the market opens at lowest but must hold here to stay positive today.

To hold up in the 25782-25759 range through the open will again be very positive for this index up to the 26010-26055 range with lesser resistance at 25887 being the likeliest spot to expect profit taking /consolidation taking during the ascent.

If not long already can look to buy the dip with stops below 25750.

Dow Futures Closer