EURUSD Has Booked a 1st Class Ticket Down South!

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Index
The narrative for next week’s set up goes like this:

There is an objective FACT that certain times oof the year the market does certain things. The market has cycles, seasons… just like Winter, Spring , Summer Fall. At these times things change, similar to the Forex Market.

The Forex Market Moves based on time contrary to what most teach you that buying and selling pressure moves the market. The software that offers price in the market could care less about who’s buying or who’s selling. The market moves on TIME and PRICE. When they meet they produce true Market Structure. No more no less. This is #TradingMadeSimple

Therefore we leverage that fact in confluence with KNOWING the times and prices that will cause the algorithm to engage Macro Moves to other areas of Liquidity aka Money in the this 7 Trillion Dollar Forex Market.

August 1st began with what I call the Market Maker 52 Fake out. A whole day of Longs then the next day it Liquidates all Swing Traders who were holding with a next day of shorts creating an IMBALANCE in the Market. The Market always wants to be in a state of equilibrium. Therefore when imbalances happen you can be sure that the market will come back and fill that imbalance to re balance the market. Price did just that on August 4, 2022. The next day it filled that imbalance, and on August 8, 2022 Price liquidated all Shorts and made the Vertical move off of a MACRO PIVOT POINT to fill the previous imbalance that was made July 5, 2022. That Imbalance was filled on August 10, 2022. The algorithm began it’s predictable Market Maker 52 Fake out to jam up retail traders who were holding the long. Then on August 12, 2022 the software initiated the Macro Move to liquidate all longs and is now headed South for the winter:)

In confluence with the DXY being in a Risk ON State aka LONG. The DXY is filling previous imbalances that were made the previous weeks with so much news trying to manage INFLATION here in the states. When the DXY goes up, EURUSD goes down. This is also #TradingMadeSimple.

The market has 3 moves: Up, Down, Sideways. no more no less. By identifying KEY areas aka PRICES in the market and KNOWING the Forex Schedule we call #SniperForexSchedule you can always leave the markets with the BAG. And this is the goal daily to COMPOUND our trading accounts 3,5,8,10,20, some days 50%. Compounding is magic and when you allow it to grow your account you will develop the patience and discipline to get in and out of the markets and leave daily with your compound.

Never over leverage. Trust your trade set up. Have Fun!



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