DXY - My Trading Plan in 3 mins!

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
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Here is the top-down analysis for DXY , feel free to request any pair/instrument or ask any questions in the comment section below.

Best of luck!
This analysis is done using RichTL indicator

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I do like the multiple timeframe analysis, and there's a lot more here than just $DXY. Would be great to see even longer time horizons as we
200 coins
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@CrosbyVenture thank you for your feedback 👑 I personally always start my daily / weekly overview with the DXY. Because as you mentioned, there's a lot more than just DXY.
TheSignalyst CrosbyVenture
@CrosbyVenture, Just got on my browser and saw the coins! thank you so much for your support! it means a lot to me.
Good job! ✔🦐
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TheSignalyst Helical_Trades
@Helical_Trades, thanks Helical., I respect your support here!
Good job 👍
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TheSignalyst T_V_TreeTrader
@T_V_TreeTrader, thanks a lot Tree
Good video well done.
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@MaggieLuzp respect Maggie. Thanks a lot
Makes a lot of sense based on our strategy as well
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