EOS Long-term | 530%+ Profits Potential to ATH

We are active trading EOS with the EOSU19 instrument, but the numbers there are equivalent to the EOSBTC pair, so you can use these numbers on this same chart...

EOSU19]8X]LONG]314.% ROE] High Risk, High Profits Lev. Trade

Now, let's take a look at EOS ( EOSBTC ) long-term.

  • Notice that the early Dec. '17 support has been activated with a strong bounce following.
  • The MACD is gaining momentum to the upside while showing strong bullish divergence from EOS price.
  • The RSI is sitting now at 60.20, really bullish .

EOSBTC can easily move higher, just take a look at this run:

We might be looking at something similar within just a few months.

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