Bitcoin storming highs, ECB warns, & Fed prepares

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The BTC cryptocurrency rate for the first time since May 2018 exceeded its highest level. The information Facebook Inc . has signed up more than a dozen companies including Visa Inc ., Mastercard Inc. , PayPal Holdings Inc. , and Uber Technologies Inc . to back the new cryptocurrency that the social-media giant plans to unveil next week and launch next year.

We consider the cryptocurrency market reaction as inadequate and irrelevant to the importance of the event. Well, the news looks impressive, at first glance.: Visa Inc ., Mastercard Inc. , PayPal Holdings Inc. , and Uber Technologies Inc . invested in cryptocurrency. It would seem that it takes CTC market to a new level.

But in fact, it does not. The amount of investment is about $ 10 million from each of the companies. Once again, not billions, but millions (!). On the scale of Visa or Mastercard, this is not even a mathematical error. That is, no revolution has taken place, and the current growth is making such a big deal out of everything. So we do not recommend to take the growth of cryptocurrency at face value. There is the trading proverb: “buy rumours, sell facts.” our advice is acting in accordance with it. So the growth of Bitcoin is a great opportunity for its sales, nothing more.

Meanwhile, The ECB confused euro buyers, saying that the Central Bank is ready to take action at any time. It is about both reducing interest rates and returning to quantitative easing in the Eurozone if it needed to support the economy. For the euro , this is so-so news, but again - these are just words. No actual action has been taken yet.

But in the United States, these actions could be committed on Wednesday, when the decision of the Federal Open Market Committee will be announced. So far, the markets are on the side of the unchanged rate, but there is a probability of decline, besides, comments are possible with instructions in favor of a rate reduction in July. But we will write more about it and what to do with the dollar tomorrow, that is, on the eve of the announcement of the Fed's verdict.

Our trading preferences for today: we will look for points for selling the US dollar primarily against the Japanese yen, as well as the euro and the pound, sell oil and the Russian ruble , and also buy gold .
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