I Paper Traded these 8 Stocks since May 8th: $11.454K Profit Sim

First off, please don't take anything I say as financial advice or seriously. As always, this is on an opinion based basis. That being said, the stocks I paper traded off of a total of 10 trades with 11.45% profit off $100k simulated were: ETSY , TSLA , OSTK , DELL, NVDA , JD , NET, and FVRR . This was done to show I know how to also do a conservative trading strategy for holds rather than day trading or penny stock buy and sell, or other risky positions I am usually good at. That being said, I am not making a recommendation as of now on all of these stocks. Tesla I am pretty bullish on, as well as most of them, however the reason they did so decent is I was focusing on a Covid19 related time period. This is just a demonstration to show that you can still make good money while many markets are bearish . 100% of the simulated trades were profitable.