Gamestop: Is It an Act of Pump & Dump ❓

NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
The Game Stop share has been in a rally since mid of January.

The last two days this stock rallied from 79.30 $ to 355 $ / share, this means an increased in value by 4.5 times or 348 %.

Many analysts and investors they are insisting that there is an act of " Pump & Dump " which is illegal, and if anyone is found guilty of that will end up in Jail. One of the main drive of this hype is the social media communities such as "

WallstreetBets ", and " Reddit " where traders are promoting this stock to pump it. As we know in " Pump & Dump " scheme , a group of traders make a huge amount of profits in a short period of time by holding a micro or

small cap stock and try to pump it by convincing other traders to buy it, and once the buyers come in, they dump their shares and cause a huge drop in the share price.

Now everyone is talking about this share, and curious of what will happen next. Currently, at this price level there is no much historical data to predict what's next. All we need to rely on to predict what's the next price might be, is to

use the round numbers in case the price continued the upward movement.

Let's see when this fiesta will end and if there will be any bloodbath after the rally ... ❓

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