Education: Three Day Trailing Stop Rule (3DTSR)

I learned a handy tool used to manage risk under certain circumstances - the Three Day Trailing Stop Rule (3DTSR)

In this example, I actually fade the 3DTSR, but being able to execute different styles of trading strategies reflects an understanding of them, while acknowledging that no system or strategy used in markets will be perfect.

Three Day Trailing Stop Rule:
There is one initial criteria for the 3DTSR to become active -

  • Upon Pattern Breakout - to limit initial risk/add to position at lower relative risk
  • Upon Reaching 70% of Target from Breakout as a Trailing Stop

In an Uptrend, to exit a position using the 3DTSR
Day 1 is the High Day, defined by a new price high - at this point, we are not aware of the setup
Day 2 is the Setup Day, defined by a closing price (end of day) that is below the low of Day 1 - at this point, the trigger is active
Day 3 is the Trigger Day, as the stop is placed below the low of Day 2

The 3DTSR can also be used as an entry strategy, as shown in the chart here.
Day 1 = High Day
Day 2 = Setup Day, where price closed below the low of Day 1
Instead of placing a stop below the low of day 2, here I fade the 3DTSR by ADDING to a long coffee position, and jamming the stop to below the low of Day 2
Day 3 = The low of Day 2, or the trigger, is never penetrated, and price opens a cent higher
If using the Trigger as a stop, or below the low of Day 2, and using the Triangle shown to imply a measured target, this is a whopping 20 to 1 trade setup.

Do you have any profitable trading systems or strategies?