✴️ ChainLink At $10 Is Easy, Success, 5 Steps Pattern & More

First, we can spot the exact same 5-step pattern just explained in the Cardano (ADAUSDT) trade idea. (See 'Related Ideas' below if you want to know the details).

Second, ChainLink looks really strong above all moving averages, the only one missing is EMA300 but this shouldn't be a problem.

It's been a while.

We are now 3 months into 2023 and while we experienced some really nice growth in January the rest has been just consolidation nothing more but, we can take the good out of this.

The fact that we have consolidation while bullish, consolidation at high prices, sideways but no drop is a strong bullish confirmation.

Months of sideways, little down then back up... We know a higher high comes next and this also strengthens the bottom hit June 2022 and this is great for us, long-term growth.

We have the entire year 2023 to prepare, to get our act together, to wake up and dust ourselves up from the bear market of 2022 and late 2021.

The preparation phase is long and we will have a full 2024 of green, which is great.

We have so much time to prepare, we know before hand exactly what will happen, it is impossible to miss this upcoming bullish wave.

2025 will be mixed like it was with 2021.

Massive bull-runs followed by strong corrections and then the start of the next bearish cycle.

Just experiencing the first three months of 2023 lasting forever makes it sound like 2025 is so far away... It is indeed far but just right around the corner if you lose focus that is...

Prepare! Opportunities are endless but it is better to take action now than to wait another day.

The preparation phase is developing a plan.
Developing a plan is simply setting some goals, that is all it takes.

Together with my charts and the information shared, you can go from nothing or small, or good, to amazing in the months ahead.

Tell me, let's be honest, how did it go in the first wave? January 2023?

Where you able to sell while prices went up?
Did you make some mistakes?

That's the beauty of being early... If you did it right, great, if not, we will have more opportunities but to be able to take them we have to accept and learn from mistakes.

Next time set your sell orders on target BEFORE-HAND, invest in yourself, in your tools, study and know that abundance is a state of mind... So focus on your mindset.

Think long-term, growth, health, wealth, freedom, love and success.

If you trade with these goals in mind, life will take care of the rest.


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