LSKUSD: Intraday Impulsive Rise On LISK

BITTREX:LSKUSD   Lisk / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hello traders, we are here for you even on Saturday! Having a cup of coffee we are going through some Cryptos to see what's going on and we saw something interesting. Well, as you can see BTC went sharply higher while some ALTcoins stayed sideways and many traders started to speculate, that correction can be completed at this stage, but we are talking all the time that wave structures and patterns are the most important to recognize direction! And as you can see, wave structures are very sharp and impulsive, so we cannot say yet that Cryptos will go down here, especially when we take a look on BITTREX:LSKBTC , which has clearly bullish pattern for much higher levels towards 58 level, especially because it's bullish confirmed with broken channel resistance line. Actually, LISK is not a leading cryptocurrency, but based on structures and targets on other cryptocurrencies, we think that Cryptos is not going to stop just like that and we don't expect any significant decline, so we think that rally will continue and any short decline will be just a temporary pullback within uptrend!
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Lisk is one of my favorite bags, nice to see that you are expecting it to move higher, even though LSK/BTC is in overbought zone. In a few days there will be a rebranding event of Lisk, should that be its top?
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@filipos, Hi, we don't want to call a top, we always look for minimum expectations, so we will see how it will be held.
filipos ew-forecast
@ew-forecast, Thanks, best regards from ZG.
grega thanks for your comments could you please share an analysis about syscoin
can you please check SC?
@NJ81, On daily chart looks quite bullish!
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NJ81 ew-forecast
@ew-forecast, thanks a lot!
p.s.: lep vikend ;)