Nasdaq - A Black Friday Blowout Sale?

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Using the SPX as a reference for ease of use, at the beginning of the November rally I asked whether or not manipulation would come after we saw a 5% rally in 3 days just because the U.S. Treasury decided to spam bonds at a lower, but still already highly inflated, rate in Q4 than they did in Q3.

SPY - Did We Bottom, Or Is Manipulation Coming?

The week before last, I cautioned bulls who believe in the "Santa Rally" thesis that we may just see sideways and manipulation back down with the end of year target being merely 4,600 and not 4,900.

SPX - Santa Ralliers: You Better Keep Your Eyes On The Clock

And for the record, I haven't cared about this rally because I haven't had a position, since there was never a retrace I never went long and shorting has looked bad, and turned out to continue to be bad.

But Friday the 17th marked the monthly Options Expiry (OpEx), and we predictably spent the day sideways. The next week ahead is U.S. Thanksgiving on Thursday, where the markets will be closed for the last time before Christmas, and then Black Friday the day after.

Although there is little news drivers this week, except for Employment on Wednesday and PMI on Friday, I posit that since the Nasdaq set a double top with its July high, we may very well see a 1,000 point "Black Friday blow out sale" this week that sets up a December rally that takes out the All Time High.

Keep in mind after this week, starting with "Cyber Monday," we still have four trading days to complete the November candle, and so we most certainly can dump an awful lot and rally an awful lot to finish the month some 2 or 3% away from where we closed on Friday.

The dangers in the markets are exceptional at the moment, however. Xi Jinping visited San Francisco for the climate theatre conference, where he met with the Biden Administration.

What this event indicates to us is that the International Rules Based Order is extending Xi, who is a Chinese nationalist, an olive branch to cede his control of China and form a critical hub in the coming One World Government.

But the IRBO has never been so intelligent as to understand that it cannot out maneuverer the Red Dragon of the Chinese Communist Party, for the Devil Red is a scourge who has come to ensure that humanity and all of its related souls are totally annihilated.

At the root of the conflict is the 24-year persecution of Falun Dafa, originally started by former Chairman Jiang Zemin on July 20, 1999. The campaign has targeted 100 million spiritual believers, even going so far as to commit the unprecedented sin of live organ harvesting.

Although Xi has been killing the Jianglings for more than a decade in his Anti-corruption Campaign, Xi is still the head of the CCP, the Red Dragon and Destroyer of Worlds, and this is a problem for him that he will either solve by overthrowing the CCP in a coup Gorbachev-style, or Heaven will solve it for him by sacking the Emperor's Bedroom in Zhongnanhai and Beidaihe.

For the IRBO, the problem the whole world faces is that the supposed "International Police" (and its Wall Street financial vanguard) have been staining their hands sanguine crimson with the Jianglings in Shanghai-Babylon all these years.

The sins are so extremely massive that they can never be fully paid for, and they still aren't doing their part to wash their hands and social distance from the Devil Red.

Instead, they're doing everything they can to expand the CCP's Zero-COVID Social Credit system worldwide.

And this is going to cause a Dark Winter for humanity. When that day comes, your indexes and your memestocks, your "Magnificent 7," even, will all trade like crypto dumpstercoins because no market making algorithm will be available to pump and dump, and at the same time everyone will be desperate to sell, with no buyers available.

But the good news is that when that day comes, you won't be paying attention to money anymore. Instead, what is unfolding in this world will be the only thing notable, and you won't have any interest, or any need of, following CNN and NYT and Xeeeeeeeeeeter for updates.

The information will come from a combination of your own eyes and another platform, one pure and clean.

Lord Jesus once told his followers: "Whoever has eyes, let them see. Whoever has ears, let them hear."

The blind and the deaf will be culled, and such is the nature of the trial all souls face.
Will she take that double top this morning, and does it matter if she does or doesn't?

Nay, lads.
Double top gone and now a weirdly not very bullish dippy pattern.

Lots of time to puke into the first week of December.


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