NZDCHF - cleanest tradeo of the week award for sure!

FX:NZDCHF   New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc
This week has been tricky with our strategy on a lot of AUD pairs in particular.

In the main they have provided profit opportunities but those in group trading the 1:3 rigid plan saw a lot of trades turn back against them - which can of course happen.

It takes a strong mindset and a confidence that over time the numbers and stats pan out to leave these running. For every 100 trades you only need 25 to hit TP3 with a 1:3 Risk to reward process.

Last week it worked an absolute treat - this week not so much. - our V3 will re include the strategy tester part so we can hone in on every pair with finding the most profitable EXPECTANCY on each pair. This is the combination of both win rate and RR over the longest time we can test. We are excited to share this because we believe there is nothing our there that can.

For more information on our strategy please view our 'Scripts' page on our Trading view profile.

Our V2 strategy shows the SL and multiple TPs on the chart too - these are customisable based on the ATR of each pair.

We have set these so that TP1 is 1:1 TP2 is 1:2 TP3 is 1:3 RR.

There are infinite ways to manage your trades to suit your mindset and time.

Works on all instruments
Directly onto your own personal trading view - all devices work
Non repainting

Please follow us to keep up to speed with our trading ideas, live streams (coming soon) and weekly recaps using our strategy.

We are continually marking some tweaks and marginal gain improvements to continue to make this easier for our trades and even more profitable. All updates are given to our members and previous purchasers FOC .

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