The Low Cash, Mid Risk Watchlist

NASDAQ:SLNO   Soleno Therapeutics, Inc
First off, please don't take anything I say seriously or as financial advice. As always, this is on an opinion based basis. That being said, hypothetically if one had only $1000, how would they invest for the next month? I decided to devise a list of these 9 stocks that still could potentially be quite bullish for some longs. For the penny stocks in order to mitigate risk, I recommend only spending $200 on them with $120 of that at least allocated towards IDEX (Remember this is a long hold list). The rest of the $800 is devised on how you see fit based on thorough analysis which you can go and see what people are saying on StockTwits or Zacks. It wouldn't hurt though if you are an amateur to just try splitting the $800 evenly with the non-penny stocks. You can also try just spending $111 on each of those stock picks instead of $200 on Penny stocks and $800 on regular. Really how you want to diversify is up to you, as I think these stocks should be stable in general. That being said, this would be the watchlist I would monitor for a month or so if I was a student or a beginner. As always, risk is on you and take this on the basis of opinion.