SNAP - opportunity for some nice gains

NYSE:SNAP   Snap Inc
Back when SNAP reporting earnings and had the miss due to the change in policy by APPLE with limiting how SNAP could market to it's clients i thought it was an extreme over reaction as the price literally fell off a cliff when i went digging into unusual whales i found very large call option bets placed out for end of NOV exp which seemed like they placed those options trades to collect premium only, as it was a multi leg strategy it also had very bullish call options included with some of the premium amount for a total option contracts totaling 1.3 million i tweeted out the chart weeks back stating i felt the price would remain in the colored box until those options expired so they could collect the premium and we would potentially see a jump back in the price action looks like we are closely approaching this coming to fruition, def should be a play to keep in your watch list