Hillary Clinton Presidential Race bet on Game Theory

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According to game theory the following is the only option available to Hillary Clinton should she still wish to pursue White House bid. Currently as it stands Trump is projected to win. Clinton has all but one option:
Step aside as VEEP and let Tim Kaine run as the president on a united front message. You welcome Hilary, that is your only option short of Donald Trump falling into a volcano .

Market will go sideways, Trump will be great for stocks, bad for bonds.

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Trade active: Today's comment titled, the Five "T"s

Today there are many tools one can use to make a predictive algo, while that may be easy, it is still an art to manipulate information for a meaningful result of such ai algos.

Today's debate is a really good chance for Hilary Clinton to outwit Donald Trump and turn this campaign around. A saddle art of changes can yield to Clinton's favor come Nov, still as Veep only.

Trump has many weaknesses and yet his persistence to turn those weaknesses to attack Clinton in his messages work to a greater degree.

That in mind, pay attention to body movement, both candidates are prepped by behavior specialists. Look for saddle changes in posture, slightly leaning forward, backward or sideways. Clinton is a natural, while Trump needs a lot of work. However as of late, Clinton's movements have become less natural with odd movements suggest a mitochondrial/metabolic type of disorder.

Time to get popcorn for one of the most anticipated debates in years. Unfortunately all my tools point to a Trump victory in Nov, but anything can happen.

This is my last post on here, best of luck!