SPX500 SPY S&P500 Support NOW 203 @75% VIX Retracement

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See my previous charts on this phenomena.

Buyers that stabilize VIX             are long term in nature and after the market rallies beyond where those buyers accumulated shares, it has ALWAYS come back to retest and that's what we are doing here today.

The 75% retracement off of the high spike in vix             to 50 is where we are pulling back to. There is a 2ndary spike in VIX             to just over 28 in late September on the retest created another support level at the 199 level, or another 1.5% lower.

This is a PHENOMENA I have found thanks to the powerful charting here at TradingView.

Risk on long positions from here = 3 average ranges. Target 3 average true ranges. Use 11 day average true range on a daily basis. Use the ATR indicator here to pull up the information.


3:44PM EST 11/13/2015 202.68 last SPY             -2.16
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I doubt VIX has real connection to what happens to SnP. May be some delayed reaction. Lets see
timwest PRO RadioHead
Check out my other publications on this phenomena. I've followed VIX & the S&P since 1986.
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RadioHead timwest
since 1986" Wow! I'm gonna become one of youre believers ))
Who let the dog out!. 1986, my date of birth;) You're a veteran Indeed, Tim!
ChartArt timwest
The more I analyze the VIX, the more it seems it has some very reliable patterns.

Before the recent drop of the S&P 500 last week I had developed and backtested a strategy customized for the VIX which turned out to be highly reliable. It signaled a soon rising VIX (while the VIX appeared to be flat), which also meant the S&P 500 will fall lower. I sadly at first went against it and then the S&P 500 fell sharply and the VIX rose a lot. Next time I won't bet against this reliable VIX pattern, now that I experienced it live and not only in historic backtest data ...

Summary: The VIX seems to lead the S&P 500
But with that goals below I would agree. The gap is there and so on. But look, could that goal be a bit lower? ;)
Great charting, had similar view about this instrument.
WEEKLY ANALYSIS (26-30 / OCT 2015) - S&P 500
I've traded the emini S&P 500 index for 20 years; since 1995. I procrastinated for a few years but finally decided to switch over to the forex. I found there's virtually no difference in trading the S&P index and the eur/usd. I just posted my testing results on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaKr67vg05EPa273C1nDpBA

I will be adding more money on sunday in order to start with $10,000
Thanks Tim. Always follow the SPY and watch the VIX daily(!) and BE HAPPY.
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