Tourmaline Oil - Beauty to Beast and Beast to Beauty

Tourmaline's pullback from it's $80 all time high and its bounce off the previous all time high is simply not deep enough, as evidenced by today's stop run over the June monthly close, which also produced one of those very credible "head and shoulders" patterns, on the back of the maniacs in the Natural Gas market running a monster short squeeze that ruined a lot of Q2s for "hedge funds."

WTI and NatGas are going to dump. Stocks are going to dump. It's not going to be a very pleasant period of time. But, natural gas and oil are something that the ruling regime cannot do without, because transportation and electricity rely entire upon them.

Oil is going to set a new all time high, and so is natural gas. They will do it at the same time, as the middle class is already experiencing maximum pain. This will give the central banks the handle they need to increasingly tighten, in addition to giving the Marxist-Leninist globalists a pretext to install social credit digital identification for the sake of fuel rationing.

Don't believe? Google Sri Lanka fuel rationing QR code & Ireland oil shortage war game.

Anyway, for Tourmaline, this Alberta gem is apt to give you a fine buying opportunity as commodities dump and the stock market crashes under $55 and $50. The target is simply $100+. With stops below the July 2021 highs of $35, you get an RR of 4.

Oil and natural gas, when they bounce, should be painfully brutal to bears. The situation should go parabolic, but it won't go all that high, and it won't go for all that long.

Think about what gold did when it set a new all time high, but faster, and for less time.

After the Party is over, the lights turn on and the music stops. Everyone will find a lot of vomit and trash to clean up, and it won't feel so fun and you won't feel so good with all that hangover and tab to pay, so make sure you sell your portfolio at the highs and buy your family something nice.

The best thing you can do is capitalize on your investment, put your wealth into something classical like gems, silver, gold, and prepare to return to tradition and prepare to cultivate yourselves.
Be careful going long here. CNRL actually has an _extremely_ similar pattern in the past involving a top, a 50% retrace, a double top, and then a dump into a current bear rally:


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