[TRXH19][LONG][10X][145.2% ROE]

Here I am sharing with you, my dear reader, a full TRON (TRXH19) trade on BitMEX.

We have super high leverage, as you like it and huge ROE potential.

Feel free to hit like now, if you want to, so you can encourage more profitable and high-risk, high-reward trades.

Note: Remember, these trades are for advanced traders only and high-risk... With that said... ENJOY THE TRADE!

Trade: LONG TRXH19

Leverage: 10X

Buy In: 570 – 585

Time Frame: 4H


(1) 595
(2) 610
(3) 640
(4) 670

Stop loss: Close 4H candle below 558.

Liq. Price: 542

Potential Profits: 145.2% ROE

Capital allocation: <6%.

Trade active
Comment: Buy-in avg: 580


(1) 595 -Reached (+25.8%)
(2) 610 -Next target
(3) 640
(4) 670

Enjoy the profits my friends. Remember to hit like for more of these high-risk high-reward, and very profitable, trades.
Comment: We are at our first target and we will go for higher targets.

This set up is looking good so far, secure and enjoy your profits.
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