Ripple (XRPH19) Imminent Breakout... [10X-15X +89%-133% ROE]

I am looking at Ripple (XRPH19) on BitMEX and it is starting to look like a breakout is now imminent... The main signal is increasing volume .

Look at the last volume bar, you can see that XRPH19 is printing its highest volume bar since the 25th February while challenging EMA10.

This is the 12H time frame and this candlestick needs to close above EMA10 (0.00008102) for this signal to be valid.

The MACD is about to have a bullish crossover as well.

Keep an eye out on this one and below is an updated LONG trade for the sake of my readers, supporters and followers, make sure to hit LIKE to show your support.

Note: Please remember that our BitMEX trades are high-risk high reward and for advanced traders only. This is not financial advice, this information is shared for learning and entertainment purposes only. Make sure to hit like for more amazing, safe, easy to follow and profitable trades.

Trade: LONG XRPH19 (BitMEX)

Leverage: 10X-15X

Buy In: 0.00008000 – 0.00008200

Next support: 0.00007920

Time Frame: 4H


(1) 0.00008388
(2) 0.00008550
(3) 0.00008670
(4) 0.00008833

Stop loss: Close 4H candle below 0.00007900.

Liq. Price:

(1) 0.00007608 (10X)
(2) 0.00007882 (15X)

Potential Profits:

(1) 89% ROE
(2) 133% ROE

Capital allocation: <6%.

Thanks a lot for reading...

Trade active
Comment: While we wait for Ripple (XRPH19) to move, we check the analysis below:

Bitcoin Full Analysis for short term and long term as well as Altcoins market update

Comment: Here are some of the results of our recent trades and more... Feel free to hit like and I will be sharing many more profitable trades.

Thanks for your support.


Civic (CVCBTC) +88%

Viacoin (VIABTC) +129%

CyberMiles (CMTBTC) +34%

Cindicator (CNDBTC) +30%

Nexus (NXSBTC) +69%

KyberNetwork (KNCBTC) +173%

Loom Network (LOOMBTC) +44%

Storj (STORJBTC) +213%

Theta Token (THETABTC) +112%

Wanchain (WANBTC) +49%

Lumens (XLMBTC) +33%
Comment: More:

VeChain (VETBTC) +20%

Bread (BRDBTC) +85%

Lisk (LSKBTC) +24%

Status Network Token (SNTBTC) +36%
Comment: DigiByte (DGBBTC) +40%

WePower (WPRBTC) Full Trade
Comment: Binance Coin (BNBUSDT) +60%+

Comment: We are moving positive and now above buy-in price.

We aim for our targets... Patience is key.

Remember to collect profits when we sell on target and hit like.

Comment: Targets:

(1) 0.00008388 -Reached
(2) 0.00008550 -Next target
(3) 0.00008670
(4) 0.00008833

Enjoy the profits.
Comment: XRPH19 is moving again, there is strong resistance everywhere, MA lines, if these can be broken we go straight to our second target:
Trade closed: stop reached: We raise stop loss above buy-in after we hit our first target.

This trade set up remains valid on the way up.
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Hi Alan. Despite that sad wick that killed the stop, XRP is still holding up nicely on the support line. Is it perhaps worth to Long it again with a tight stop loss right under the support? What do you think?
+1 Reply
Thanks for that one ! let's push through resistance and squeeze some shorts.
+1 Reply
AlanSantana MaAndre0805
@MaAndre0805, My pleasure. Thanks for the comment.
MaAndre0805 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, target 1 reached ..!!! great job, there was quite a bart move before the pump ... just dont panic, we did it !
+1 Reply
AlanSantana MaAndre0805
@MaAndre0805, Yes, looking beautiful...

Thanks a lot for the support.

Enjoy the profits. :)

still valid sir?
+1 Reply
@Basil13, Yes, shared just recently.

The trade remains valid unless it breaks stop loss or we close it manually.

Thanks for the quick follow-up, Alan! Much appreciated. XRP is a nice one now that BTC is acting up a bit.
+1 Reply
@Darif, My pleasure.

Yes it is, it will surely move up if Bitcoin breaks down or continues sideways.
+1 Reply
Darif AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Whatever BTC does XRP manages to walk on it's own path, which imo is something more cryptocurrencies could need: a break off of the back of BTC.

This type of volume at the EMA10 is very nice to see. Let's see how it will continue.
+1 Reply