Bitcoin Cash (BCHH19) 122.5% ROE 10X Lev Set Up

I am looking at a set up for Bitcoin Cash (BCHH19) on BitMEX... The charts are starting to look bullish and a breakout can potentially happen soon.

On a Sunday, I can see a break above EMA10 happening now with increasing volume . Both the RSI and MACD allow room for this move.

This is a signal in the making and very early... Price has gone flat, indicating a support. If a break happens to the upside, we can expect the last peak to be tested and even higher if enough momentum can be garnered by the bulls.

Conditions for change: A close below 0.0330 would invalidate these early signals.

Note: This is not a piece of trade advice. My trades all contain buy-in, targets, stop-loss and additional informaiton. Take a look at Monero ( XMRBTC ) and Loopring ( LRCBTC ) in the related ideas below as an example.

If you want to see a full trade for Bitcoin Cash (BCHH19), hit LIKE to let me know. If enough people hit like, I will share a full high risk, high leverage, high ROE trade.

Thanks for the continued support.

Comment: I will share our trade at 150 likes.
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