The INFAMOUS Blow Off Top!!! US10Y US02Y $TLT

The indicators from this chart which backtested to call the 1990s Gulf War recession, the Thai Baht, the 1998 LTCM, the 2000 dotcom bubble, the great financial crisis, and the COVID pandemic all before they officially happened. It is calling for whatever this next crisis is going to be called. I placed MOAB or mother of all speculative bubbles for the crisis holding name. I am sure the talking heads on TV who never saw this coming will give their two cents about how great everything is. Clearly, we have issues in society and those issues are being pasted over on the market with money printing.

This isn't doom-bear BS, it's just an indicator that has front-run every single one of these black-swan events.

The best way to play this is to reduce broad market exposure and sell into the big up days. Look at defensive plays like bonds, gold, and US dollars. Now that doesn't mean you can't stay net long, for that consider option spreads, but this tells you to clearly lower your exposure.