Is a financial crisis ahead?

FX:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
In this vlog I explore mainly the shape of the younger Bitcoin parabolic correction with the much older and seasoned Wall Street (US30).

The emphasis here is in the nature of the struggle to avoid correction and the similarities in form.

The parabolic struggle seen in Bitcoin on the daily time frame, could well be reflected in the US30 on a weekly time frame. As the US30 is a much older more seasoned instrument, that's why I took 1 week of the US30 to approximate to 1 day of Bitcoin.

Parabolic markets are superheated and resist correction. Keep in mind that it's a new world where we have electronic dealing, so the fight to stay afloat is likely to be more reactive and violent.

For those who are interested focus on the form of the struggle.

What can we learn from the Great Recession?

For a more in-depth analysis the graphic here may be useful. I do a 20-point comparison in more detail.

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