BLOCKv Can Do 131% Easily If This Criterion Is Met...

BLOCKv ( VEEBTC ) is now moving above EMA10 on strong bullish divergence with the MACD after hitting a new ATL ...

This pair can easily grow higher if it can remain above 15 satoshis, which is the blue line on the chart as well as EMA10.

Now that this level is being conquered (daily candle needs to close for confirmation), we can expect VEEBTC to move higher.

Conditions for change
If VEEBTC moves below 15 satoshis, another drop can follow (red arrow) before the next move up.

We are looking at 131%+ of profits potential... This is very easy for a low volume altcoin pair.

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Comment: TARGET:

1) 17 |Hit 15-Nov. (+13%)
2) 23 |Hit 15-Nov. (+53%)
3) 24 | Next target...
Comment: TARGET:

1) 17 |Hit 15-Nov. (+13%)
2) 23 |Hit 15-Nov. (+53%)
3) 27 |Hit 16-Nov. (+80%)
4) 32 |Hit 16-Nov. (+113%)
5) 39 |Hit 16-Nov. (+160%)
*) 46 |Hit 16-Nov. (+206%)

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