WANBTC bullish run being ready

BINANCE:WANBTC   Wanchain / Bitcoin
"Trading is not gambling
It is the games against the system"

You have any hesitation above the chart
Have any glitch on the WANBTC days chart ? i hope traders can properly indentify my charting glitch !

WANBTC expectation is rights?

WANBTC will be gone moon !
#WANBTC Where will be arrived?
WANBTC BULL prive movement prediction ready i believe that .

WANBTC mine own perspective so what's your opinion on the WANBTC price movement please comment in the below section .

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Hi, What should be entry point in current scenario?
lwoods33 yogesh54d38143f26a4316
@yogesh54d38143f26a4316, by the looks of it right around 1550ish, maybe even 1500 before it bounces upward again towards the main resistance (buying this range is trying to catch it as low as possible though like catching a knife could be potentially dangerous; but it would appear somewhere in that range for the next lower bounce. Thats assuming it's ready to finally break out of the resistance and head north...always possible it could bounce back and forth a bit longer before it makes a move. The SAFEST & MORE SMART trade would be to wait for it to break the 1960ish resistance level, THEN allow it to most likely go up some (as he indicated in the above chart) before coming back down close to that 1960 level again to test it as a support level and then once it heads back up (keep in mind it may not come all the way back to that 1960 but somewhere close and then heads back upward) once it does this confirmation (breaking 1960 resistance, rising some, then coming back down and testing the 1960 range as a support level and bouncing up off it) it's a much safer trade and a solid indicator that it's ready to head upward with good support. I'd be comfortable entering the trade around 2060-2100ish personally. Not financial advise, just my thoughts on it and friendly insight lol best of luck
Hasanat_Hussain_Al_Ahmed_Hasan yogesh54d38143f26a4316
@yogesh54d38143f26a4316, i am not a financial advisor for your own invest. So checkout the market candlestick breakout.