FXOPEN:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
INTRODUCTION - This is 02/09/24, 15-min bar, ultra-detailed, 16-hour trend map for FXOPEN XAUUSD spot gold ticker. This chart is expected to be useful until expiration at dotted line (16 hours). If price disagrees meaningfully, then this map expires IMMEDIDATELY. If price agrees, then recasting is required after 16 hours.

DETAILS - Friday's afternoon's weak close of 2024.xx once again means:

1) trend continuation, sideways to nowhere
2) so from here that means move to 2040s by noon on Monday
3) because the "sideways" trend is so strong, this map can hit for 32 hoours
4) I will reconfirm after 16 hours

WARNING - This material is for experienced and responsible traders only. If you have any question in your mind whether you are experienced or responsible, then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. As precaution, the first rule of trading is DO NOT lose money. As reminder, the second rule of trading is do not forget the first rule. As prerequisite, please familiarize with this process first before applying to your strategy. As usual, this MUST be used with continuing notes posted throughout duration of this forecast to supplement but NOT REPLACE your trading discipline and risk management. If the limits of the update feature or update frequency do not satisfy your risk profile, then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. As always, when price action disagrees with forecast meaningfully to you, IMMEDIATELY SCRAP THE FORECAST and trade defensively. If it is not obvious to you what meaningfully means in this context, then I repeat for a third and final time, THIS MATERIAL IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU.
02/09 10:37 PM ET, that last spike up is actually CPI...
a) I just realized it now...
b) something to think about on Moonday
c) and this map is fuzzier bc the range outcomes are wider time wise
d) but still same price wise
Saturday 02/09, 12:37 AM ET, let's speculate for Mon-Tues-Wed
a) so my scanners say odds of hitting next 16 hours of chart at top is very high
b) and vol compression forcing sideways trend continuation ...
c) means that chart at top should hit for 32 hours, or a day and a half
d) that would leave us at 5 AM near 2020-2025 ahead of CPI
e) vol limits for Tuesday to Wed... or 24 hours after CPI
f) is 25-30 at first glance (2020-2050)
g) but regression crossover at high prices MORE THAN DOUBLE THIS LIMIT
h) that means the vol limit for Tues AM to Wed AM is 2020-2090
i) interesting?
j) well no, bc this is gold, this would be the 8th signal in 8 weeks
k) how can I take it seriously?
Saturday, 10:17 PM, early warning for Tuesday:
a) in chart above: that'st what Tuesday look like
b) after number crunching floor-ceiling looks like 2018-2068
c) should take about 4-6 hours
d) finally what that means for this resistance line:
a) for chart above, gray route is what I think should happen
b) if I consider super-bowl Sunday data for last 8 years
c) but trend maps disagree bc they don't care what day it is
d) so?
f) so I am staying out of this one until morning
g) sorry about this one

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