BTC/USD Finally a potential breakout!!! (Re-adjusted chart)

KRAKEN:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / U. S. Dollar
(Re-adjusted chart due to volatility ) After a final inspection after the market played out overnight it does appear to finally be in position for a a bull run. The 10/18 impulse wave ended on the 4th wave and started a diagonal triangle formation. The 4th wave overlapped into the 1st wave thus ending the initial 10/18 impulse wave and a beginning of the of the diagonal triangle formation. The support from the 1st wave to (D) 4th wave of the diagonal triangle formation has held. Still in the point of control area of the volume profile with RSI still oversold. We will soon hopefully have a breakout from the wedge to finally have a last bull run to complete the (E) 5th wave of the diagonal triangle formation.