XRP - 6h. Will there be a correction before test $1.78?

Our previous idea on XRP worked too fast.)
We expected growth to $0.46-0.48, but not so fast. In fact. In a few days, the price of XRP has risen by almost 200%. Buyers managed to get out of the trend line , which sellers have held firmly since November 24.
Trading volume in the XRP market ranks 2nd among all crypto projects, surpassing even ETH
As long as the crypto market is standing still the potential for XRPUSDT to continue is there.

The main condition is to keep the range $0.46-0.48. a successful test of this range will open the way for buyers to $0.78.

The global target is $1.76. However, let's see if there will be enough volume in market participants for such serious purposes.
We create both short-term ideas (for a local understanding of the market situation) and medium-term forecasts of price movements.
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Comment: On the XRPBTC chart, sellers correct the growth wave by 78.2%. If buyers keep the marked range, we will expect further growth in the price of XRP.
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Target 2 dollars? More like 2 cents..
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P_S_trade lealhedge
@lealhedge, let's see) thanks for comment!
@P_S_trade, It is quite possible to see such a reversal in price!
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P_S_trade atanasgaydarov
@atanasgaydarov, Unfortunately buyers did not keep the range of $0.46-0.48. However, the price stopped at the limit. There is still a chance that XRP prices will continue to rise. However, be prepared to close below 0.337
@P_S_trade, I think we need to focus our analysis on his bitcoin trading, because he determines the real price with a tether ... And yet we need to know what happens to the "king" to know where the price goes at xrp ...
P_S_trade atanasgaydarov
@atanasgaydarov, Of course. However, while the king is in consolidation other coins may be independent for some time.
Wow it shot straight down
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P_S_trade mablack15
@mablack15, So. Slightly lower than we expected. Apparently many buyers bought a ripple with big leverage
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Its dumped! so what's next now? Can we retest 0.75 Again?
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@JD-007, This will be possible if buyers regain control of the range of 0.46-0.48
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