✴️ Zcash Long-Term | Bear Market Over? Think Long-Term

✴️ Zcash Long-Term | Bear Market Over? Think Long-Term

The All-Time Low for Zcash (ZECUSD) was hit March 2020.

This June 2023 Zcash hit its lowest level since that date, a multi-year (3+ years) low.

This low can potentially be the bottom of the consolidation phase before a new bull-market.

There is room for a move such as it happened in early 2020. A bullish wave that leads to a new low.

This scenario would look as a strong/quick bullish wave developing now that ends in a lower low when it is over compared to June 2023 and that lower low would signal the consolidation bottom as well as the start of the new bull-market.

The climax of the bull-market we call the bull-run.

Now, it is not possible for me to know if the bottom is in or not, if there will be a new low or not and neither is it necessary for me to know, I honestly don't care.

At this point in time, any smart human being whom is looking at these pairs with the purpose of earning, would focus on the long-term.

Visit again the left side of the chart, between Q4 2019 and Q2 2020... That's the opportunity phase, the accumulation phase, it doesn't matter the swings, the highs and the lows.

What matters for a trader, a spot trader, is to buy and hold and wait for the bull-market that will certainly follow as the market moves in cycles.

One consideration that is highly important to keep in mind is future potential. A new bull market can lead to a new All-Time High... What you are looking for? I don't know, but we buy low to sell high, keep it simple and that's a sure guaranteed win.

Long-term in this case means 9 to 16 months.


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