✳️ 2021 Decentraland Produced A 4612% B.Wave -Next 2024 Or 2025?

KRAKEN:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
Looking just at late 2021 can be a bit misleading, here we can see that Decentraland (MANABTC) grew by 780% but this was only the last jump, the final wave.

When we go back to January 2021, the low, the total growth from bottom to top ends up being 4,612%... Now, that's Cryptocurrency for you.

I am mapping some potential targets but for the long-term and while the % is not as wild as before, these are big projects now, it is still great.

Smaller projects, newer projects, will surely have more room for growth.

The bigger the Crypto, the heavier it becomes.

For example, you can see Bitcoin growing some 6-8X, while some Altcoins can grow 15, 20, 30X. Obviously Bitcoin is many times bigger and thus it takes more capital for its price to grow.

When the full blown bull market starts to go, in 2024, our mistake is always understating the potential, not the other way around.

If you focus and hold for the long-term, you might end up seeing that I was wrong again... Instead of 6-9X, we can end up with 15-20X... That's Cryptocurrency for you.

The world is changing.
It is a new form of money.
Wealth is infinite... Cryptocurrency is new, everything can grow many times more than anything we can even comprehend.

I remember clearly just a few years back when people were continuously saying, "It is impossible, Bitcoin will never hit $5K".

Bitcoin trades now at $16,000 when it is super low.
Bitcoin trades above $30,000 today.

Even $3,000 seemed impossible at some point for the majority of the market... Do not be surprised to see Bitcoin going above $200,000 or who knows if higher after the halving takes place.

The year for Bitcoin is 2025.
The Altcoins will peak first, please keep this in mind.


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