LongBuyLongSell 90% profit Excellent Win Rate Strategy indicator

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I seldom prefer the strategy version ,As you have requested to share the backtest results sharing the details here for your info only. to check how the "LongBuyLongsell" indicator is working.

BTCUSD 30min time frame used ,Tested with Forex ,Equity results are >80% when right entry is predicted.

This is, published to show only the test results of the original "LongBuyLongSell" indicator that was published in tradingview initially on 27Jun.
The test scripts are only available to do testing by me and it is keycode protected,Here sharing the results of BTCUSD of 30min time frame with the improved logic in "longbuylongsell" indicator version.

This script cannot be used for generating Alerts realtime as tradingview does not support user "Alerts" in strategy scripts . So please get access for "longbuylongsell" indicator.

Information are shared to show the accuracy of this LongBuyLongsell Indicator.

No indicator will work 100% in all time ;Win rate will be 80% ; Just sharing this as a result here and as a performance report of LongBuyLongsell Indicator script available in Tradingview.

Again,This is shared only for info ,not to be used. If you wish to use the indicator check and get the access for the working "longbuylongsell" indicator version 1 and Version 2 and not to this.

Release Notes:
Noise Reduced. >1hr time frame is best. Default all the option disabled.Enable as per your choice.

Code updated to Version 3

1. Two types of Selection possible ( In Indicator Formats --> Inputs Choose the options for strengthmeters and Background Color) Enable disable OPTION 1 to see the change.
2. Early Exit STARs Added . Red star above the candle indicate to cover the long position for quick profits; STAR below the bar shows Early exit of short position.
3. Trade only in color transistions (Blue to Black ) or Black to Blue and when BackGround Color become Green or Red. Strengthmeter based BgColor activated in this version.
4. Yellow BackGround Color ;do not enter new trade ;Continue the trade or cover the previous long or short trades.
5. Autoview Auto Trading possible ;Alerts included (Indictor version will be released seperately with all these updates)
6. Make use of Average lines to take accurate trades.
7. Make use of PSAR for deciding the trades.
8. Background 5,15,30min Average line check added. Enable the option to get this .

All the settings are available in Indicator--> Format --> in Input Section. Color change possible using Style Tab.

Review ,Like,Share if you feel this is good work and if it will help traders.

Can be used in FOREX,BITCOIN,OIL,Index,Equity,Bond Markets.

Greater than 1Hr Time Frame Good. Less time Frame like 15min 30min and 45Min please use with more caution.Thank you!

Trial Access for testing will be given within 24 hours.Check your private message for to know the access status in tradingview.

Like ,Follow,Appreciate if this helpful to your trades.
Release Notes:
Revision to Strategy version:
BackGround Color Added to give clear picture of Buy /Short continuation .All settings are customizable in indicator properties.

Red BackGround Short Continue (even if a Blue candle appears)
Green BackGround Long Continue(even if a Black candle appears)

TEST and FEEDBACK.Thank you
Release Notes:
LBLS LongBuyLongSell Indicator Strategy Version Upgrade V1.10 with Info Panel update.
This is STRATEGY Version ,
The Alert version can be found here

Info Panel basically gives signs of Long or Short candle approaching details and volume based Long or Short signs.

Release Notes:
Here is the updated version of LBLS indicator strategy version.

  • Backtest Based on Candle Color (Long /Short)
  • Backtest Based on Background Color (Long /Short)

  • Daily Open Price Line Auto Plot
  • Support and Resistance Line for Long and Short Trades

All the Existing Features like Strengthmeters ,STARs are there,Enable the option in this indicator Settings (in Style ) you will get all input.

!!! Back test is enabled !!! All can test the Strategy now.
Release Notes:
Info panel time adjustment.
Release Notes:
Info Panel Overlay fix V1.12 (Strategy version)
On Entry Horizontal line Draw
No other code changes ,Released as it is.

Do you want to try this Indicator .
To Get access - Send me a private chat message in to get access.Or request in comment section below.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Strategy Entry Exit Close added with Stoploss ,Takeprofit V1.13 (Strategy version)
  • TP ,Take Profit Line Plot and settings updated ,Tooltip added
    Improved capability of ALERT() Function to get TP ,Stoploss values
    AUTO TRADE Setup updates.
    User can now set one STOP LOSS (in percentage ) Three Take profit TP1,TP2,TP3 (In %)

To Trial this Strategy:-->
Send me a private chat message in ,I will add access for your testing.
Release Notes:
Updates in this version:
  • Set the input settings 70 to 500 ,170 to 500 to get good results. Drawdown improved.
  • Adjust the TakeProfit value settings and Stoploss value settings to get maximum profit factor ,Minimum Drawdown etc.
  • Calculations are based on Once per Bar Close basis . With this Automated trading is possible with Strict Stop loss ,Take profit etc.
  • Refer to the below two image Settings and Results .
  • Clear Exit reason updated "C_TP = Candle TP ,BG_TP = Background TP , C_SL = Candle Stop ,BG_SL = Background SL etc.
  • with all these update Good PROFIT FACTOR and less Drawdown is seen in the strategy. Test and automate your strategy with any Index, Stocks, Crypto ,Forex.
  • All needed alerts are inbuilt to send data to WEBHOOK.
settings :
Release Notes:
Version 1.14 Strategy Tester :
*Minor changes in the Strategy test calculation . Clear Text on Entry ,Exit added .
* Calculation of Strategy result with and without Take Profit % ,Stop Loss % added .This would give clear idea to use Stop loss and Take profit or not.

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To Get Access to LBLS Indicator Strategy version ,please send me private CHAT message .I will be adding 3days trial access first for your testing.

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