December 22, 2014

A Smashing 1:9 Risk-Reward Bullseye Winner, and More Outstanding Ideas…

This digest bringing you some of the top Trading ideas every week – generated by users, picked by analysts. Actionable, easy, useful. Now you will be able to see the most exciting ideas even if you don’t have enough time to look for them on TradingView. If you’d like your idea to be a part of the digest, please follow our House Rules when publishing an idea.

Picks From Community Top Authors

OIL….. a “V” shape RECOVERY or a longer DIVERGENCE BOTTOM? By nmike
nmike points to potential key demand levels for Oil. Analyzing with his favorite combination of indicators…

EURGBP: Shorting Again On Potential Three-drives By Technician

Just a spot-on by technician, a great short term trade setup worth praising…

Promising Trades and Insightful Analysis

A top-notch analysis, and a road map for the AUDUSD price action by new promising author Astroforex…

Bullish Signal on AUS200 By EagleTrades
Hunting the trade perfectly, good illustration and technical reasoning Eagles Trades…

Timing the next buy opportunity on oil markets.. By AdrianRaymondF
One more view on oil , add this to nmike analysis to get further insight…

XAU/USD (GOLD) Short Bias 1070 IN SIGHT P.A analysis By AstroForex 
Astroforex deserves one more spot in our weekly digest, such an elegant piece..

EURUSD reached key resistance level with bearish BAT By Highcrunch 
Well defined, precise and accurate…

In Scripts and Custom Indicators

MAGNUS® Cycles By MagnusTradingGroup 

“Bullseye of the Week”

One trade a week will win the “Bullseye” award.  The trade will be chosen by our editorial team for the most precise trade that had the best Risk-Reward compared to other competing trades.
  • The trade should have specific targets and stop loss levels
  • The trade should be initiated and complete within the prior week (Intra-week Trade)
  • The trade should comply with tradingview House Rules


  • Winning the “Bullseye” One time:  One month Free Premium Subscription
  • Winning the “Bullseye” Two times: Three Month Free Premium Subscription
  • Winning the “Bullseye” Three times: Six  Month Free Premium Subscription

“Bullseye of the Week” Winner

Although the idea doesn’t strictly abide to our suggested guidelines of clear reasoning, the outstanding risk-reward of nearly 9:1 makes “GBPJPY POTENTIAL BUY” by  GreedyCherryFX  the Bullseye winner of the week.. Congratulations to GreedyCherryFX