Explaining the New Buy/Sell Button Style

Aug 3, 2020

Guess what? You no longer need to search for a suitable place for your floating buy/sell panel — because we’ve found the perfect spot for it.

The buy/sell panel is now represented as two buttons, which are conveniently located in the chart legend. In addition to the OHLC values the new buttons allow you to monitor the instrument’s Bid/Ask prices in real-time. The buttons support “multi-layout,” which means you can now see Bid and Ask prices for several different symbols at once, without having to flip between screens.


Showing the actual Bid/Ask from the broker is good, but what is more important — the buttons allow you to place market orders in both directions: buy and sell.

When Instant orders placement mode is enabled, orders are placed instantly (without using an order ticket) and the required quantity of the order can be set using the quantity calculator.

When Instant orders placement mode is disabled, clicking on one of the buy or sell buttons will open an order ticket where you can finish its configuration and place it.

The buttons have two different display modes: with a filled background and without a filled background. If the buttons have a filled background with either red or blue coloring, it means that trading is in active mode. If the background is white, it means that something isn’t ready: either a broker isn’t connected or a non-tradable symbol has been selected. The button’s tooltip will also alert you to this issue. In the non-filled background mode, you can continue to monitor the Bid/Ask, but the buttons won’t draw any extra attention to themselves.

Managing visibility

Managing Buy/Sell visibility has also become easier. You can easily disable or re-enable buttons in the context menu of any chart legend item.


The option to enable/disable button visibility is also still available from Chart properties either in the Trading section or the Trading menu settings.

We hope this addition has been useful. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, we would be happy to receive your feedback. Thoughts from our community help us build bigger, better, and stronger.

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